Sunday, May 17, 2009

Final Judgement 2009

The verdict for 2009 elections is out. It has been a thumping win for United Progressive Alliance (U.P.A.) with Indian National Congress getting over 200 seats in the assembly.
The best thing to come out of these elections were that most of the smaller regional (read communal-casteist-separatist) parties were swept out. Mayawati's B.S.P, Mulayam Singh's S.P., Lalu's R.J.D, Paswan's L.J.D., Deve Gowda's J.D.(s), Chandrababu Naidu's T.D.P. to name a few.
The biggest and the most prominent losers this time were the Leftists- their toll crashing from nearly 70 in the last election to nearly 25 in this election.
The people this time voted not on cast and regional basis but gave preference to national parties and rightfully so, for these small parties act as merely blackmailers at the centre, haggling and hussling the leading party for their selfish gains. The government was forced to wet their beaks every time a major decision was to be taken and most importantly it was not allowed to take any decision in national favour as most of the time it clashed with these small parties "ideologies" (read vote banks). As seen in the 15 th Lok Sabha, the left parties never allowed the leading Congress to take any step in the country's favour warning to walk out every time.

How can a country even plan to develop when we have such blackmailers at the centre checking the government's each and every step.So this time the Indian voters have quite intellectually voted for the main parties, being well aware that a weak and puppet government is absolutely no good and it must be strengthened.

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