Friday, February 27, 2009

Tata Nano..Small car's big impact

So finally the launch date for the much awaited Tata Nano has been declared---March 23rd..
Truly the car will bring Indian auto sector into world scenario by launching the cheapest car ever..
But I have some views regarding it..

Nano the cheapest car costing only 1lack rupees (US $2000) will be affordable even to the commonest man..The sales will be high (predictably) and nearly everyone will become a car owner...ok so far so good but then..
Even in the present conditions its a nightmare to drive in most of the cities..Narrow road spaces, high traffic and frequent jams are a daily scenes..The Indian Road system is unable to bear such high pressure even today God knows what will happen when every second person is going to own a car.

It is a poor man's car as advertised ; alright agreed but that doesn't mean that rich are not going to buy it..Instead of buying bikes for their school going kids now they will buy a car..One car per interesting..
Where is the parking space going to come from? 99% of the Indian cities do not have a well planned parking system in markets , you can find vehicles parked anywhere..
After nano?? i think it would be impossible to go to the market itself..the office buildings, the college- school buildings, the residential buildings, all will surely run out of parking lots..

Then what about pollution? The suspended particles in the air already exceed the danger mark by a large amount what will happen after thousands of new cars will be rushing on the streets emitting dangerous gasses..One cancer per child maybe..or one bronchitis per child..

Then the fuel problems.. fuel is already lacking..what will happen in the future I dread..

Now don't call me a pessimist after reading all that for even I am waiting for the car with the same enthusiasm as others...just a little worriedly though....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moral immoral!!

Yeah Slap her hard, kick her, punch her on the face, rip her clothes, lift her skirt..

Such was the scene inside the amnesia pub in Mangalore when a gang of hooligans attacked the ladies present there...The ladies were beaten , their hair pulled, thrown on the grown n Sexually molested..All this done in the name of religion and culture, for the hooligans called themselves "Sri Ram Sene"
The so called guards of the Indian culture acted like the worst kind of degenerates..What Indian culture permits the harassment of women? Which religion gives them the privilege of beating young girls? According to the myth the Sri Ram Sena consisted of monkeys who fought like true warriors for saving a woman abducted by the demon king. But the modern day sena though consisting of men acted like wild beasts in a jungle disgracing the Ram-naam..
What are they trying to proveby this sick , disgusting, shameful and brutal display of power? Perhaps trying to glorify the "rich Indian culture" and "sanatan dharma"..
Few days back i read in the papers about Swat, the taliban captured area of Pakistan where the militants have issued an order that no woman shall have any right in the society and live like slaves. The women were told not to come out of their houses..if they do they should be accompanied by their husbands and always be clad in their burkha. The girls' schools were bombed and several girls were molested.
The current incident in Mangalore mirrors this attitude.

As if all this was not enough , even the Karnataka Government supportes the hooligans and said that their objective was right though the methos "may be" wrong..Due to increasing public pressure 27 out of the 40 goons were arrested and were granted bail the very next day..well democratic India...
The media persons were equallyas guilty of the crime as the perpetrators, they knew that the incident was going to take place so instead of informing the police they comfortably reached the place 15 mins prior to the sene and set up their cameras at the right places. Even while the girls were being molested they were busy filming this and did nothing to stop this brutality..

Who is responsible for such sadistic , uncivilised, unethical display of behaviour? the government? the narrow mindset? or lack of proper education?

Proper steps are needed to be taken to stop such incidents in future. The governments, the police and the law courts must act now so that future talibisation of India could be prevented...