Friday, November 28, 2008

reserved to be doomed!!

Evil that men do lives after them...

A few decades ago a certain misanthrope called Bhimrao was born in India. A so called scheduled by birth!! (As if it matters) anyways...

As all evil men the guy went in to join politics..while swearing an oath to be fair and impartial he did a stunt to strengthen his hold on the chair. Hatching some overly disgusting plan he went on to propagate reservation of seats in jobs, colleges etc for the persons of his own caste.. Hence shoving the future of country into doom by giving authority to incompetent, non- meritorious, ill trained personnel..He succeeded in his plan and came to be worshiped as God by his fellow caste members..(Come to India you ll find his statues at every corner of a street..even more than Gandhi)

As all incarnations of devil this man had followers too..There was a certain VP Singh..(died yesterday after loosing a painful battle with leukaemia ..God's justice i would say)
Then another misanthrope Arjun Singh..and many more
What they did was certain to make any developing nation ashamed..They did irretrievable damage to the nation by placing fools on top by snatching right of deserving candidates..

Thus the modern India and its unique concept of reservation..According to which more than half the seats available in colleges , jobs available are booked for incompetent persons from a certain caste impeding more meritorious and much more deserving candidates from getting a decent living..and thus forcing them to live in poverty and depravity..
Also the damage done to the nation being unsurmountable ...what can you expect from a country having underqualified undereducated people as doctors, administrators, collectors and engineers..

There were many peaceful protests from the country by many enraged student bodies clearly aghast at this severe injustice..but to no avail..police silenced the voices..students were beaten, locked up and tortured..and hence the voice of democracy silenced.

Politicians now use reservation as a tool to gather votes and remain in power..
Merit is neglected, justice is neglected..
A person getting 95% is deprived of admission while another getting below 50% walks past by waving his admission letter and "Caste certificate" to the former's face.
Same case with jobs while the majority has to compete and study hard the caste ones gets easy jobs and easy money..What kind of justice is this??what kind of democracy??
It is as bad as Hitler murdering the jews...The only difference being the jews were killed immediately while here the students are left to die a slow starving death..

Truely a shameful scenario which sometimes makes me regret my being an Indian....