Friday, June 12, 2009

Gimme Red!!

Funny how things turn out to be; an event leads to another which in its turn leads to another and so on..each one of these events, small or big can sometimes completely change a beings meaning of life, his morals, his ideologies and his perception of life.
The author of this blog used to be an absolute hater of communists, a pro-capitalist to the core but that was till he used to be a "drawing room thinker". But now, the things have changed. He is out in the "big bad" world. And for him now communism is the only thing "holy".
Why?? Let us see.. In the past six months or so over twenty four million people are "directly" out of jobs due to recession, the "indirect" victims being in billions. People are being thrown out of jobs, careers are being wasted, bright kids are being forced to beg and families are being forced to commit suicides. All for this recession --the great depression. These people are suffering and its not their fault, they are paying the price for other people's mistakes. And the real culprits, the real ugly dark faces are simply driving past the misery in their shiny silver plated mercs clad in rich tux..they have enough dough left to make sure their coming generations in live comfort.
What penalty are they paying for pushing the age into darkness?for destroying the livelihood of millions? What punishment are they liable to get for making the innocent lives miserable?None can suffice for the crimes they have committed are heinous. And are they feeling guilty?any remorse? No sir they are not..the money provided for the bail outs of their companies is being spent on the CEO's bonuses. So the money provided to help common man get a square meal is being well spent on thanksgiving turkeys, holidays in Miami and gold tapestries in their bed rooms.
Communism , a tool which takes power from these handful of billionaire villains responsible for the present catastrophe is the right thing to be endorsed. Control should be taken by governments and used for the well being of working masses.These capitalists must be made to pay for their sins. Equal rights must be given to the employer and the employee , a clause underlined in communism. The rich should not be allowed to get away with their crimes, equality must prevail, justice must prevail...Time to go Red.....


Dj said...

communist cannot take over as long as religion , caste ,creed and race matter heavily . Also electorally their take over is a deep challenge ... For eg - in these elections . All , American pets i.e, all these parties helped each other internally to weaken the alternative force which could have strengthened these communists . This years electoral game was planned by CIA . If not, then why did the CIA chief held meetings with CONGRESS and BJP ??

Dj said...

In Bengal ,communists started the panchayat system , impressed by it the rest of India adopted it . Center never helped the state in anyway . But still the state overtook A.P as the largest rice producer . People donated blood to set up Power plants , center could have given some monetary help , no , never .

Despite all these Communists made only > 40 and < 50 % of panchayat votes . So this elections planning was such that if all the other votes are cast to a particular opposition . Then the left front looses .

Usually in a constituency

40% - left ;
25% - trinamool ;
12% - congress;
5-6% - Bjp and others ;
rest don't participate

hence left is victorious .

but if things happen like
40% - left ;
42-43% - trinamool or congress ;

then left looses . and that is what has happened in these elections .
Moreover , booth capturing in nandigram , dargeeling and a few more places have taken place .

Now , i feel electorally it is not so easy , as it is via revolution

rishabh said...

Cut that out planning and secrecy n all..Left lost because ppl are blinded by flashes of US and touts of capitalism..I was blinded too.. But now after suffering a lot I saw the consequences of blind capitalist belief.Hope rest of the India realizes it too

Dj said...

walk out of books man ... its more of planning than paper works ... listen to these debates carefully see the videos of every party's leader cross check his statements ... you will realise that there is a drama going on behind ... rem for instance once i told you that possibly many of the blasts carried out in india are being done by people of Hinduism faith. i couldnt prove , but then few days later we all came to learn about Pragya singh thakur

people are not disillusioned by lures its that either wrong propaganda .. and conspiracies .. they need to do that cause once they are ousted they loose everything ...

rishabh said...

You are going off the topic deb..
Hinduism or anything has nothing to do with aping the US..(well I personally do not believe much what the Islamic countries say but i strongly believe when they say That US is the biggest terrorist in the world)Anyways dude ppl ARE disillusioned by lure and flashy US..

Prashant said...

Although the recent recession has left many people out in the open, still i feel communism or rather socialism alone isn't the way forward. A mix of both maybe a better choice, infact in India we started on a mixed economy model, and that may have thwarted some of the impact of global recession here in our country, which could have reached unmatched heights coupled with the rampant corrupt practices in the system. Total capitalism gave us this recession, but socialism has its share of evils too. The efficiency or rather inefficiency of government offices, gov schools and other failed institutions paint a different picture. What the world may appreicate is a mixed economy with certain controls in the gov end, regulations and i think India is in the right direction. A check on corruption and price escalation especially in basic food items, real estate, transport should be taken care of.