Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slave Mentality

Its been over sixty years ever since we have gained independence, more than half a century since we chased out the English out of our country..truly a proud thing to talk about..
"chased the English out of our country" but have we chased " English out of our minds"???
The most heinous thing the Britishers did to us was lowering our morale, making us believe that we are some kind of cockroaches struggling to be saved out of the gutter, some kind of second rated citizens because of our colour and our language..they zeroed our level of confidence and made us insecure about every movement we tended to make.
Though we successfully won the country back we didnt win back the confidence; the second rate feeling, the "disgusting" feeling we get while relating to anything Indian. Be it Indian goods or Indian culture or Indian language every thing sucks..
And this mentality is equally dominant among the kids, the youth and the older generation as well..Namaste is yuk and hey there is cool..Am I making sense now?
How many times have you heard mommies boasting proudly of there children "you see our vicky doesnt know Hindi (or any other regional language), always struggles with it but yeah his English is superb"...Is this a thing to be proud of???
Shameful Shameful is no crime not be well conversed in your mother tongue but being proud of the fact??? Sounds pretty disgusting to me..
The other day I was chatting to a lady friend..she said jokingly "I am a vampire and I Am going to suck your blood". I replied "yeah chudail go on".Her expressions suddenly changed "Call me Vampi or Dracula or devil but not chudail please, its so low standard"..right so matrabhasha is low standard now..saddened as I was with her reply, I thought this is a phenomenon we witness everywhere; the suppression of India..though Indianism is not merely speaking in the native or wearing khadi but this kind of degrading behaviour toward anything local is completely deplorable.
Who is responsible for it?? What can be done about it?? What will change the mentality of the people?? These are some questions that need to be pondered over and provided a solution...

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