Monday, October 6, 2008

The role of Institutes

There is a famous quote that you can read on every second T-Shirt. It says:
" I was born intelligent but Education spoiled me"

I find this banal completely true in my case. I got a good all India rank in my pre-eng examsand thus landed in a college which I hoped would enhance my knowledge and workability.
But what i actually found that I was just another customer paying money and buying my degree.
I guess this is the condition of 95% of the institutes in India or even more.
They are just money making "industries" which excel in attracting youths with their imposing piles and lucrative job offers once you successfully "purchase" your full degree.
Is this education all about?? I mean there is some difference between being educated and being literate. Is the youth educated? Getting an engineering or MBA or MBBS degree makes one a good citizen ?
What is the role of an institute in shaping up the life and career of an aspirant?
Just to turn him into a money making machine? Is that it? Getting him a five or six figure salary at the end? And what about the values that one expects out of a learned professional ? Who will teach them?
What about the moral and ethical values that should be and "must be" imbibed in every individual? Are these institutes making "responsible humans" or simply manufacturing "machine coded robots"?
Half hearted lectures by the proffs attended by even more half heartedly by the students this is all our education comprises of. I believe that there should be proper awareness programs inside colleges training the students in various aspects of their lives and surrounding. There should be economics, civics, environmental and moral lessons given compulsorily in each institute be it technical or medical or arts. And not only theoretical explainations but also practical tours familiarising the students with their own country. The students should be trained that what should be the moral duty of every individual in shaping up the future of his nation and society. Just make him aware of his surroundings.
We do not need more Gandhis or Boses, what we require is the feeling inside every individual that it is his obligation to not be a selfish bloke but consider the wellbeing of his nation, society and the humankind. And for bringing this feel inside the young generation the role of the institutes holds the most importance.institues is most importance


shekhar said...

Well well.. Hmmm i am thinking what to write bro .. Let's begin than -> so finally your awake .. what i feel about the education system and all the problems related to our beloved country india is the people and soluation lies with the people only .. well here what i saw is a frustated youth with ground realites Hmmm .. well i guess, we all need to work.. not only as coming up with suggestion but also we need to find a way to implemant it..!!!

rishabh said...

Thanks a lot for your comment Shekhar.
True we all need to work together..
we have to figure out the problems, their solution and their implementations..

P.S. Bro i m awake from a long time...jus looking for a platform..

shekhar said...

hey.. i forgot to write keep blogging... :)

navin said...

hi rishabh..

one thing i always learn from my past even in present also that if you are doing anything from your heart it shall be best. And same thing i seen in your blog. what we say "Direct Dil Se"...

Well what you mentioned in your blog is near to truth or its fact and happening with all. And a collective as well individual effort (both) only can do better against such problems.

you are spreading a true incidence which is now practice..

so keep blogging dost and hope lots of things are coming via your blog.

rishabh said...

Thanks a lot Navinji.
Sure I will follow your advise and do everything with full heart in it.
AApki aashayen poori karne ki koshish karunga..
Thanks again..