Sunday, October 5, 2008

1st one

Hey everybody..
Hmm this is my first attempt at blogging..
Guess its more like writing a private diary which wont be private at all.... :P
Here lemme give you a li'll intro of mine...
An absolute patriotic person I am..Love my country and wish to do something for it.(No i mean seriously i ll)..
I believe "Do Not give your life for your country;better give it to your country.."
See the difference!!!!!
ish me that I succeed in doing something significant for It...

Well about the other me..I love to read..Books are my first love..(first love never dies they say..)
Poetry my passion (though haven't written for quite some time now)

Another passion is my never quenching thrust for knowledge...I jus want to become a walking encyclopaedia..I just try to learn everything and have interest in just everything..

I am a theist but my faith has started wavering now..

Well what else..
So much for the first one...
Hope there ll be more (:P)


Raghav said...

Hi amazed! great work.. keep doin. actually even i had a pinning thought of starting a blogspot. but now i feel u jus reflect my keep doin.. i ll jus join u in comments!:)
jai hind

rishabh said...

jai hind Raghav!!
your comments are welcome!!
looking forward for them!!