Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Religion..My Views

A famous saying goes..
"Religion is an opium for people"

I have heard this quote many times. Many of my friends are of this view and propagate to ban religion.They say religion is responsible for so many atrocities being committed- The crusades, Jihads, riots , suicide bombings etc..

But sadly enough they seem to miss some of the most basic points while saying this.

What i believe is that blaming religion for these crimes is like blaming melanin for racism.
It is not religion's fault that people tend to satiate their own complexes, frustrations in life and vile desires using it as a shield. No religion in the world would justify rapes and massacres...

The problem lies not with religion but with people's mind.
Religion is something that brings about strong emotions in the people, and man as weak a creature as he is against his emotions loses his power to reason and follows the "devil's path".

But that is the case with many things; love for example creates strong emotions. Now some people develop these emotions into terrible jealousy and commit all sorts of heinous crimes..
Does that mean we should ban love too?

Or let us take another example -Sex; it causes one of the most terrible disease ever encountered by humans. But again they are acquired by man's own fault and not by the fault of intercourse.
Ban it and human race ends..

Anything that causes emotions can be an enemy of humans if mis-handled. We cant just go on banning every thing..

They say look at crusades , look at jihad -such terrible acts of terrorism..
I say look at the attrocities by the Chinese on Buddhist monks.What should I call it? -"Atheist Terrorism"???

How can a prince who lived fourteen long years in the forest likea beggar just to keep his father's promise support rapes??
How can a man who underwent the most terrifying torture of being hung on the cross to save humanity from hell preach massacres ??

Have you ever stood in the temple and looked at the "linga" ? Can't you see the whole universe whirling and un-whirling in the silent black stone?? Don't you feel immense peace while looking at it??
Or what do you feel when you see that semi-naked bearded man hanging painfully on the cross?? Aren't you reminded of your sins??

Do these objects of worship inspire you to be violent and kill others?
No sire they do not.
The man who uses them as an excuse to kill can never be a religious person, he has never understood religion. Then why blame religion for the crimes of a non-religious person??

A match can light a hundred lamps whereas it can also start a conflagration..
All depends on the hand wielding it....


Dj said...

simple logic ... when u want a bonsai of a certain tree ... u get your scissors straight to the roots ... similarly , when you want to avoid religious conflicts , you need to scissor it stop being religious fanatic ... we need to uproot it ...

rishabh said...

As I said my dear friend
Religion is not the root cause of violence...
violence lies in the heart of people..
religion is just an excuse..they ll keep finding excuses for their activities..
So we need to uproot violence and not religion..
DO u thing eradicating religion ll stop violence totally..????
I dont think so..

Raghav said...

Ya u r right.. i jus want to share my opinion abt religion..
ever wondered why does hindu always fall as a soft target..(like india undr UPA)?
wat i personally feel is tat..hinduism s not a "religion" again
Its a way of life. It tells how one should lead a peaceful disciplined life. All vedas say the same.Have u ever read any veda or hindu ethics instructing hindus NOT TO FOLLOW OTHER RELIGION! Or COMPULSION TO PREACH THEIR RELIGION! But other religions does.. Christians must preech to get closer to jesus(as they beliive) Muslims r banned to any form of idol worship... n many such restrictions for a muslim (as i don wan to mention).So this is where the problem arises. But you can never see any tat sort in Hinduism..its says pray anyone, worship anyform, go to any temple!!! but lead a peaceful life(this makes other religion to easily convert them..n create havoc)..TATS WHY I FEEL HINDUISM IS "A WAY OF LIFE"

rishabh said...

Hmm dude tht post of mine was for all religions actually but still the msg is clear..religion does not teach violence!!