Thursday, November 14, 2013

Adieu God!

So there it is, the beginning of the end of a million childhoods..This probably would be the last children's day for a lot of us.After this day we will become old men.. men reminiscing old days when Sachin played, days when Sachin scored a hundred, days when Sachin demolished the attacks of Akhtars, Akrams, Warnes and Donalds,days when Sachin brought the whole country together,days when crowds gathered at the shops showing live cricket jamming the streets, days when power corporation employees were beaten coz of a power cut during Sachin's innings,days when we missed school to see Sachin bat..  days when Sachin guided India to victory..Happy last children's day to all of the ones who have grown up seeing Sachin the ones who at some point of their lives have said "main bada hoke Sachin Tendulkar banunga!!!"...

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