Monday, February 8, 2010

Rahul's Mumbai Visit

(Sorry about my long absence from net due to unavoidable(& pleasant) circumstances :P)

Anyways back to blog..


Well that's what I felt after watching the footage of Rahul's 'footwear' being ceremoniously picked up by Maharashtra minister of Home for state shri Ramesh Bagwe.

Though I personally have nothing against Rahul's parentage but I wonder how that could be put into words-- " There goes the great Marathi manoos pride under (semi) Italian feet".

Another intresting video shown repeatedly in the media - Rahul buying his own ticket to travel in the local train makes me wonder whether the ever dutiful Indian citizen paid for all those hundreds of policemen and commandos accompanying him or they just got a free ride??


As for Shiv Sena detestable as it itself is, failed completely to boo Rahul out of Mumbai, well it ought too, for 21500 policemen were engaged in the gentleman's security.
Kudos to the Maharashtra police..though they are a complete failure in protecting North Indians , this time they were successful in protecting an MP from Uttar Pradesh against Thackrey(s)'s tirade with their chief , the hon'Minister kissing the former's shoes.

Coming back to the shoe episode, another thought clicks..was it something like the great Ramayana episode with king Bharat carrying Ram's paduka on his head?? hmm...thoughtful... thoughtful indeed..

Well no idea there , just a lingering doubt..whether those shoes were of Italian design too??well my own are..

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